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  1. Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good areiclt.
  2. Charlene comentou em 10 de junho de 2011 às 15:58. Amo esse perfume. É o meu número # 1 a quase 2 anos.. e agora o tal do Marc Jacobs resolve mudar a fragancia??? to aflita… será que terei que eleger outro pra meu the best one? rs
  3. Fascinating story, on so many levels. I really enjoy hearing about major scientific discoveries and all of the subsequent theories. I find it especially interesting when scientists so nonchalantly throw out the idea that perhaps the neutrinos didn’t break the speed of light but went through another dimension. As excited as we are to hear about it, I bet the scientists are all worked up. I also like the visual of them in their little white coats, blasting neutrinos around trying to duplicate the results. Thank you for sharing this, very interesting. Keep us informed!
  4. Pourquoi l’argent gagné à l’étranger n’est-il pas compté? Si on le comptait il est bien évident que David Guetta est de loin le n°1 et que Mylène Farmer est certainement juste derrière lui.
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  10. jkmoa, I agree. It looks like the .380 bersa. Never used one but they get good reviews on the interwebz and they are priced a little above 300 bbucks in my area.
  11. They will just cut the cable and break the lock down later! why don’t they make this lock compatible to hook onto club bars? eliminate that damn cable!
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  16. Hi Donna,I'm not familiar with magazine writing, so hopefully we will hear from someone who is well versed in this.Hi Liz,Yes, passion is key--always!Hi Anna,I've been enamored with Calder's work since I was a little kid and write a bit about that in my author's note for Sandy's Circus. His art was so colorful and bold and happy--it really made the idea of art come alive for me, a kid who was not as intrigued with other kinds of art as much as my sister was. Calder gave me a way into art that I hadn't felt with other artists.
  17. Ah, i see. Well that's not too tricky at all!"
  18. Cheryl, ain’t no place like your neighbourhood Salvation Army! It’s a good place to start because they are usually small stores — easy to pick through without being overwhelmed.
  19. It's good to see someone thinking it through.
  20. A few weeks ago my brother was toasting a hot dog bun (at 11:45pm, of course) and forgot about it in the toaster oven. Eventually, the fire alarms went off (the bun was completely black by this point). Since our fire alarms are connected to the security system, a fire marshall was sent to our house to check on things. So, at midnight, a fire Marshall came knocking on the door! Hahaha! Leave it to teenagers to create some great stories!
  21. Here the key point is . . . thinking about what I lack and need to improve upon.. . Not what my seniors and juniors need to improve upon!!More often than not, we think as if its not us who have to change, and till we change this perception, progress wouldn’t be made.
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  27. I’d consider reading that novella again just for the Ed. notes. Wall done. And were it not for her attempts at self-deprecation, this broad would be the shrewiest harpy (harpiest shrew?) in the world.
  28. We always co slept. It was very difficult on me as a breastfeeding mom to get any rest otherwise. The crib was always next to the bed attached and slept on that corner so my husband and I still had plenty space.
  29. Yo creo que tú no eres el blog del día eres el de la semana, el del mes y el del año!!!!!!Vaya puré más rico, en mi casa no somos de puré, pero si hay que comerlo que sea uno como este por supuesto.Un besito
  30. l'idea di dover seguire un'altra partita come quella di lunedì scorso era molto poco entusiasmanteSì, ma per quello che abbiamo visto, non per quello che abbiamo sentito
  31. I agree that YouTube is helping with "film distribution". For example, is a hate site, operated by Mr. Weltner, a member of a racist organization. He also operates, another hate site about Jews. If you visit Wikipedia's website and search for the phrase Jew Watch, you will be able to read that Mr. Weltner committed fraud. YouTube is still showing poor corporate responsibility because YouTube has not suspended cpotato2004's account.
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  37. The day is coming when every traveler or vessel, regardless of size, destination, or mode of locomotion, will go armed -- and will shoot first rather than wait to be accosted by a stranger.Yes, it's a sad prospect. The preferred default mode of interaction between strangers is the benefit of the doubt -- trust until first betrayal. But incidents like the one described here, to say nothing of the hundreds of routine incidents of kidnappping, terrorism, and general barbarism around the world, have a persuasive power that our good will and good intentions will not withstand.
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  42. Bruce, not sure what kind of marketing you are referring to, but it seems you are pushing the blame on the business owner? As a marketer, I cannot control anybody’s emotions and I believe any sense of “greed and entitlement” comes from within.
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  50. books aren’t read? Caldwell Esselsty called me at 11:00 PM East Coast time, last Thanksgiving Eve, which was 8:00 my time, catching up with eails. I can’t tell you how surprised and how impressed I was. Towards the end of the 12-13 minute conversation he asked if I was eating lots of vegetables and my answer was a resounding yes cause it’s true. Then he confessed that he ate 10 pieces of Reese’s Pieces every NY’s Day. Impressive?
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  53. I’ve never had Thai food…is it all spicy?? I would love for you to do a video where you prepare a Thai meal so maybe I could be encouraged to try it! Like I said I live about an hour frm Atlanta so I will definately need to make a trip to the Farmers Market you went to!
  54. Rondabandarra Arangüena: se liquidó a hostia limpia, como han de liquidarse las polémicas. Y gané yo.PEPE: No entiendo una sola palabra. Perdón, me pondré a tu altura: NO ENTIENDO UNA SOLA PALABRA. ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE WRITING IN SPANISH?
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  57. I totally agree with you…first time there and will NEVER go there again. The food and service lacked !!!! I think because they got their working visas for Canada they don’t care….I got better service and food in Mexico….Vallarta Grill id the WORST Mexican Restaurant in Vancouver !!
  58. Lovely review, and I do so agree about the need for a makeover. This may actually be why I tune out to this line more than I should.I had a sample of regular Sacrebleu and the Intense version (a MUA swapper with a lively sense of humour!), but both were too “busy” and rich on me. I like orientals, but am easily overwhelmed as you know. I do also see the resemblance to Guerlain. It reminded me of L’Heure Bleue as well, but then that is another scent that is too much for me – or was when I last tried it. But if I can come round to Lyric, you never know…
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  64. Pbrain, step away from the Fox news wannabes and use your head. WHY WOULD THE GUY WHO’S AHEAD IN THE POLLS WANT AN EARLY DEBATE?
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  70. Pete,Isn’t it nearly impossible to save and clean your own seed now? What happens to a farmer that tries to do that?Monsanto takes them to court bankrupts them. Right?
  71. Review by Bobby Dunn for Rating: I am no coffee expert I must confess. I have never had Blue Mtn Coffee or Hawaiian coffee, but I love this coffee. I grind and make espresso and my wife and I drink it every morning. I think that is the only reason she keeps me around. Give it a try, its cheap and you can get it anywhere. The packing looks old school (like it was designed by A&P in the 50′s which it was), but the inside is good.
  72. Ellen and family,So sorry to hear about Ronnie. We were remembering what a nice man he was. Dolores thought so much of him.Wishing you all peace and wonderful memoirs.Dan& Michelle
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  74. Once again I have to bow to the superiority of the geniuses who blog on this site. I thought this was a cracker of a toughie but I had to use the hints on several occasions. I have never heard of 13a, 22a or 28d (nor the Scottish interjection mentioned by our leader) Many thanks to Notablis for stretching me way beyond my limit and to Big Dave for his very useful hints.
  75. I'm so sorry, Katy. I hope the festival of quilts goes some way to temporarily bolstering your spirits and helping you feel a bit more like yourself.Much love,Florence x
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  81. Irresistível... Nada mais explícito, da Ag. Efe de Havana. Está no G1 . "Fidel elogia Lula por sua postura no caso do preso político morto em Cuba" Ou seja, daqui a pouco o pobre homem não morreu, não era cubano, não estava preso, não fez greve de fome, foi tudo invenção dus americânu que urdiram essa trama para desmoralizar Cuba e Lula...como sempre!
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  94. David Ingle,Glad you see sense. Britain is more Socialist than America, that’s for sure but it is far from a Swedish social democracy as well.Personally I think a mixed economy is always the way to go, as well as being the properly conservative form of economy. The economic model advocated on this site appears to be unbending neoliberalism – a model that has significant disadvantages from a traditional conservative perspective.
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  96. I work for the Prosecutor at the ICTR and I think criticism of the work we do here, including the "failure" to prosecute alleged RPF crimes, is both necessary and desirable. Do you really think that comparing critics of the ICTR to holocaust deniers is fair comment? It seems to me it simply trivializes such denial.
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  101. Amanda was bringing out her Scottish accent again…..yep, I never forget a good wank session!! Haha! ……..I think your right about Camilla Davey, in my case it’s Camilla trouser filla! ……….and of course we’ve no worries about Amanda, I just pity that Mr Bluebird if he tries to do the dirty on our Scottish tiger ………….Tony MrT
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  103. Merely a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw great style. “Make the most of your regrets… . To regret deeply is to live afresh.” by Henry David Thoreau.
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  105. An oldie but goodie has to be KAOS from ‘Get Smart’. I’d love to win, all my R. A. Salvatore books come from the library, thank God they have had them all so far. On number 16, ‘The Two Swords’ and can’t tell you how glad I am there are so many more to enjoy.
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  117. That’s what it looked like Katie. Although I love me some fishing, I’m not that adventurous of a soul. Plus, while I do have a nice truck in the Ford 150, it’s a six-cylinder, sans 4WD. Sounds like I might need an easier drive. Sorry to hear about the fish failure. That’s too bad.
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  119. riflettendo mi sa che io la maturità di riuscire a distinguere tra l'uomo che vuole fare progetti e quello che invece non vuole impegnarsi, non l'ho ancora raggiunta nonostante i miei 40 anni. Sarà che nonostante cerchi di non commettere errori, assuma un atteggiamento bisognoso che mi porta inevitabilmente a prendere lucciole per lanterne….
  120. tggp, Why do you call "hooverhog" "someone most would consider an awful Holocaust denier"? Is it just the links, or has he been put on a SPLC hit list?
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  122. Ne vous inquiétez pas Pat, sur ce sujet il n’y a pas de doutes, les Etats-Unis peuvent vraiment être fiers comparé à l’Europe. Aux Etats-Unis, au moins, il y a plus d’étrangers que de racistes.Pas comme en France (je me remettrai jamais de cette statistique d’un tiers de français qui s’avouent racistes, on voudrait croire à une blague)
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  127. Excellent questions! I've discovered ways around some of these issues (through trial and error) but find #7 most frustrating! I have experimented with Word Press but find myself staying with Blogger because it's MUCH easier to use ... and after all FREE is good ;--)I've shared T-13s at and this week ;--)Hugs and blessings,
  128. Bayview Beach Resort has a kiddy club, is it? Next time we’re staying there! We stayed at Sandy Bay which has a nice pool and beach but their ‘kiddy club’ is a $%^&* video game room!Hmm…will look out for this Papa Pizza. We ate at a nice seafood dinner at a restaurant close to the roundabout going to Teluk Bahang etc. Will post soon. So funnylah your comment about Georgetown vendors being less honest than Tj. Bungah ones LOL
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